Ms. Princess’s Two Year Old Room

In Ms. Princess’s Two Year Old Room the children will be introduced letters and numbers. We love to take our walks and have outside play while exploring our world. We will continue working on the potty.  We will go from the little potties to the “Big” one. We will participate in all kinds of exciting activities. Story time, music & movements, table time, and playtime!!!


Daily Schedule:

6:30- Arrival Time in Older Toddler Room
7:15- Arrival in Two’s Department
7:30- Potty Time
7:45- Centers/Manipulatives
8:45- Breakfast
9:15- Potty/Clean-up
9:30 – 10:15- Walk, Table Time, Group Activities 10:15*Potty Time
10:30- Outside Play
11:15- Potty/Clean-up
11:30-11:45- Stories, table Toys, Manipulatives

11:45- Lunch
12:15- Nap
2:30- Potty Time
2:45- Snack
3:00- Indoor/Outdoor Play
3:30- Potty/Clean-up
3:45- Centers
4:45- Potty Time
5:00-6:00- Stories, Table Time, Manipulatives

Supply List:

Diapers or pull-ups (if needed)

Extra clothes

Blankets and sheets for naptime

Vinyl folding mat for naptime

Two refills packages of Parents Choice Alcohol and Fragrance Free wipes

Two boxes of tissues