Ms. Jackie’s Three Year Old Room

In Ms. Jackie’s Three Year Old Room  the focus will be on name recognition, self help skills, writing, math, science, and sign language. Field trips are also a part of our curriculum. Field trips add hands on fun to their learning environment.  Books of the month will be used to help our class develop a love for reading and will coincide with our theme of the week. We will have show and tell every Friday.


Daily Schedule:

7:00-8:20                 Big Centers

8:20                         Clean Up

8:25-8:35                 Bathroom Break

8:35-8:45                 Pledges & Prayer

8:45-9:00                 Breakfast

9:00-9:20                 Resource

9:20-10:00               Circle/Learning Time

10:00-10:15             Bathroom Break

10:15-10:45             Outside Time

10:45-11:15             Big Centers

11:15-11:20             Clean Up

11:20-11:30             Bathroom Break

11:30-11:40             Special Activities: Storytime, Puzzles

11:45-12:15             Lunch

12:30-2:30               Naptime

2:30-2:40                 Bathroom Break

2:40-3:00                 Snack

3:00-3:30                 Free Play

3:30-3:45                 Clean Up/ Bathroom Break

3:45-4:15                 Outside Play

4:15-6:00                 Group Activities

Supply List:

* Mat

* Sheet and Blanket

* Change of clothes (no Pull-Ups)

* Tissue

* Wipes