We have three Pre-Kindergarten classes at Main Street Day Care and Preschool. Each class follows the WEE-Learn curriculum, and has up to ten children with one teacher per class.

Pre- Kindergarten Schedule:

6:30-8:30                 Arrival & Center Play

8:30-8:45                 Pledges & Storytime

8:45-9:15                 Breakfast

9:15-9:45                 Center Time

9:45-10:15               Recess

10:15-11:15             Classroom Time

11:15-11:30             Resource Time

11:30-11:45             Prepare for nap

11:45-12:15             Lunch

12:15-12:30             Potty, Wash Hands

12:30-2:30               Rest Time

2:30-3:15                 Snack, Potty, Wake up

3:15-3:45                 Recess

3:45-4:00                 Potty, Water Break

4:00-4:15                 Storytime

4:15-Departure        Centers/Free Play

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List:

Small backpack                    Rest Mat (20×48)

Fitted Crib Sheet                  Small Blanket

Plastic Pencil Box (5×8)        Scissors

Primary Pencils (2)               Crayons (24)

Jumbo Glue Sticks                Paint Shirt

Box of Wipes (4)                   Box of Tissues (2)

Pack of dry erase markers

Change of clothes in a ziplock bag

-Please label everything-