Our Staff

Staff, Teachers, Assistants

All persons caring for children are hired and evaluated by the Day Care Board of the church,  have specific job descriptions, and are expected to be familiar with the mission statement, philosophy, and procedures of the program.  The center requires that they be persons with reputations above reproach in the community.

Main Street Day Care insists that Teachers/Assistants consider requirements of the Virginia Department of Social Services to be the minimum requirements.  The expectation is that staff members exceed those requirements whenever possible.  Teachers/Assistants must also meet educational requirements of the State and the Center, as well as requirements as to experience in the care of young children.  Teachers/Assistants must be committed to carrying out the stated objectives of the program, becoming familiar with the goals for the children, and working toward those goals within the context of the general philosophy of the program.

To ensure that goal is met, each prospective staff person, is required to have the following:

1. Criminal History Record

2. CPS Central Registry Search

3. TB Screening

4. Two letters of reference

5. Infant/Child First Aid and CPR training

6. Sworn Disclosure Statement

7. Valid picture identification